NaviNet Admin on June 6, 2014

At Informatica World 2014

Frank Ingari, CEO of NaviNet, delivered a speech entitled “NaviNet and Informatica: Delivering Network Intelligence Through Leveraging Informatica Complex Event Processing (CEP)…The Value to the Payer, Provider, and Patient,” at Informatica World 2014, on May 13, 2014.

What if the healthcare communications network that health plans share with their providers were smart enough to tell them what it was hearing and inject truly proactive real-time information? Healthcare payers and providers today must share information in unprecedented ways to achieve their goals of reducing redundancy, cutting costs, coordinating care, and driving positive outcomes.

NaviNet's "smart" healthcare communications network combines Big Data and network intelligence to enable insurers and providers to share critical proactive real-time information. The combination of Big Data and network intelligence helps healthcare plans and providers to achieve their goals of reducing redundancy, cutting costs, coordinating care, and driving positive outcomes.

NaviNet leverages the Informatica Complex Event Processing (CEP) platform, which enables operational intelligence business-wide, to ensure its information management architecture gathers and distributes information in support of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim of providing higher- quality care at lower cost while enhancing the patient experience.

How well organizations harness and make use of data will determine their survival. Healthcare reform is designed to get major players to share responsibility: Insurers take ownership of the quality of care associated with their insurance, and providers take ownership of the costs associated with the best evidence-based treatment for their patients.

NaviNet operates in the space between these countervailing forces to ensure providers get complete patient records from insurers through a seamless network. Inaccurate records can harm patients— and even the slightest breach in security can put organizations out of business. As Charles Digate, senior vice president of sales, marketing, and business development commented, “NaviNet Open’s event-based architecture, in combination with Informatica’s complex event processing technology, enables real-time clinical information exchange at the time of service, triggered by traditional and value-based reimbursement transactions.”

Transformed healthcare organizations will deliver higher-value care by putting data to work in all aspects of their enterprise. They will access and use data, take action on what they know, and via channels that have proven effective for specific populations, whether that population is identified as payers or as at high risk for Type 2 diabetes. Through leveraging proven best practices, payer-provider collaboration—including shared financial risk for a patient—will benefit all members of the healthcare continuum.

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