Laura Davey McCaughey on June 2, 2015

Collaboration: AHIP Institute 2015 Has It Right

Author: Laura McCaughey, Senior Director,Corporate Marketing​, NaviNet, Inc.


Dateline June 2! En route to Nashville for AHIP Institute 2015! I believe that there are two types of travelers. Those who pack three days ahead of their departure date and arrive at the airport two hours before flight time…and those who area deciding what to toss in a suitcase at 6:50 a.m. for an 8:10 a.m. flight. Which are you? (I believe the latter style makes the journey much more exciting. What do you think? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

The fantastic news is that AHIP Institute 2015 is about collaboration: “Together, We’re Making Health Care Work.” Based on AHIP community input, this year’s more interactive sessions will center on three themes: streamlining processes for greater efficiencies, engaging consumers in new ways, and using data to personalize healthcare. All of these themes roll up to increasing the ROI. Stand by at our Twitter channel (@NaviNet) for anything I learn about on new hard ROI data.

These themes resonate with what I hear out in the market daily. At NaviNet, we help payers and providers boost care quality, lower costs, and improve population health management with NaviNet Open, our payer-provider collaboration platform, and our Value-Based Network applications. Leveraging the strong capabilities of these solutions leads to higher quality ratings and improved reimbursement.

Four learning streams support AHIP Institute 2015’s key themes. I am planning to mix and match my session choices to capitalize on seeing customers and friends speak and networking with people I want to get to know:

  • Improving the Value Proposition through Population Health, Transparency and Vertical Integration
  • Creating Exceptional Experiences: Putting the Customer at the Center of Service
  • Business Intelligence: Turning Data Analytics and Insight into Action
  • The New Health Care Economy: Industry Growth, Innovation and Transformation.  

Tuesday-Wednesday (June 2-3)

As soon as we land, I’m off to pre-meetings and dinner with a few thought leaders who happen to be old friends. On Wednesday afternoon, NaviNet’s CEO Frank Ingari, CCO Chuck Digate, VP of Marketing Grant Ho, will be updating industry analysts on NaviNet’s new customers and the recently launched NaviNet Open Advanced Referrals. Frank and I then speed over to a few press meetings to discuss his “Medicare Advantage as a Model for Healthcare” thesis. Hopefully, the break I’ve built into our schedules will hold (it never does…), because we are honored to host a dinner for customers and healthcare industry executives at the Watermark Restaurant.

Are you also attending AHIP this week? If so, please email Joan Cogswell ( if you are interested in joining us or you can subscribe to our blog to stay up to date on our AHIP adventure.

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