NaviNet Admin on September 24, 2012

NaviNet Drug Authorizations Pilot: Push the Easy Button (Below)

Have you ever trudged to the drug store in the pouring rain, waited in line, and then were not able to pick up your prescription? Or received a message like the one on my phone yesterday? “Mom, I’m at Green Cross. They can’t fill my prescription because some fax didn’t get here. You have to call the doctor’s office and like an insurance company or something because I have to take this to Scotland in like two days.” Arrgh! Does your employer build an extra hour into your day for calls like this? NaviNet really doesn’t. I was booked back-to-back that day. Double-arrgh.

Working here at NaviNet, I know there’s a better, more efficient way for all of us to get our prescriptions—and for the clinician office not to have to waste time on the phone with a health plan…or a frustrated patient… or a frazzled parent. Multi-payer electronic solutions enable health plans, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), pharmacists, and clinicians to quickly and securely share critical clinical and patient-specific data necessary to drive the fast, high-quality decisions required to get the right drug into patients’ hands quickly by utilizing electronic prior authorizations (PAs).

Together with our partner CoverMyMeds, we recently concluded the NaviNet Drug Authorizations pilot and launched for general availability to the one million plus healthcare professionals who are part of the NaviNet Network. NaviNet Drug Authorizations is a HIPAA-compliant, multi-payer solution for electronic PAs. The cool thing about NaviNet Drug Authorizations is that it saves everyone time. It’s fast, easy to use, and reduces administrative burden, paper, and time on phone calls by submitting the right form electronically to the right plan fax number. This streamlining of the PA process means that prescriptions are actually waiting at the pharmacy when you go to pick them up.

Did you know that 90% of all drug PAs are completed via fax or over the phone? Healthcare administrators and even some doctors who wanted to be part of our pilot certainly must: Pilot volunteers stepped up in droves, filling the group in just two days. Here’s what we learned and why we’re launching so quickly. The majority of pilot users—83%—reported that the solution saves them each one to three hours a week (imagine if your office had numerous folks doing PAs…), mainly the result of being able to find forms faster and not having to call the plan as often as they had. Is it sticky? Well, 93% said that they would use NaviNet Drug Authorizations for all of their PAs going forward. And guess what? 70% responded that their patients are receiving their medications faster. Sign me up! Or at least our PCP.

Want to join me? To start submitting PAs, please click here. Do you have a good drug PA story to share? Continue the discussion by commenting on our blog, and connecting with us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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