Frank Ingari on January 26, 2016

2016 Brings Big News for NaviNet

Ingari_Frank_Casual.jpgOn the very first business day of 2016, NaviNet was aquired by NantHealth, a transformative provider of genomic and clinical information technology.  NaviNet’s huge network is an asset shared and used heavily by health plans, health systems, small practices, ancillaries and many other participants  --  many of whom have been asking how and where NaviNet fits in NantHealth’s plans for the future.

What Is NantHealth?

NantHealth, and parent company NantWorks, are based in Culver City, California and were founded in 2011 by Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong. NantHealth’s technology solutions focus on precision medicine at the point of care by delivering real-time molecular and evidence-based insights directly to physicians. NantHealth is also a founding member of the Global Immunotherapy Coalition (GIC) that recently launched The Cancer Breakthroughs 2020 Initiative  -- which deserves a blog post of its own.

As part of its mission to transform health care, NantHealth’s 10-year vision is to integrate and coordinate all aspects of the complicated healthcare ecosystem from knowledge to care delivery to payment, with a cloud-based, single sign-on platform for payers, providers, and patients. NaviNet’s acquisition is a final step towards achieving that vision and an even bigger step towards achieving NantHealth’s larger mission to transform health care by combining genomic science and big data. 

Why NaviNet?

Dr. Soon-Shiong and his NantHealth leadership team have been consistent in answering this question.  The answer is two-fold: first, the extraordinary reach and usage of the NaviNet network provide NantHealth with an unmatched highway into clinical settings nationwide, independent of location or EMR.  Second, Dr. Soon-Shiong understood immediately the powerful capabilities of NaviNet Open, our cloud-based payer-provider collaboration platform, which will enable NantHealth to develop integrated administrative and clinical collaboration solutions needed for both chronic disease management as well as newly reimbursable genetic and oncological strategies.  Joining forces will result in a transformative platform that includes:

  • A national provider network of over 450,000 active users
  • Provider access to over 90% of covered lives in the United States
  • Network activity generating more than 30 million monthly transactions

Combined, NaviNet’s scalable, secure portal and NantHealth’s clinical platform will cover nearly 100 million people providing real-time decision support and access to local cancer clinical trials.  It will be, as Robert Watson, President of NantHealth, stated, “the industry’s most comprehensive and integrated portfolios for cancer care, population health and wellness.”AcquistionBlogBanner.jpg

What’s Next?

This is an exciting time for health care and for NaviNet. Under NantHealth, we will continue to be based in Boston, along with our development team in Belfast. Likewise, we remain committed to serving all our health plan customers.  Our NaviNet Open platform will continue to provide the key infrastructure for the secure, real-time administrative and clinical collaboration between payers, doctors, and patients.  We will also maintain and enhance our multi-payer portal for our provider office users, all with the highest quality customer service. As part of NantHealth, we are excited to expand the capabilities of our Open platform beyond administrative workflows for payers and providers to broader application across healthcare populations.

Will you be at HIMSS16? Stop by NantHealth's booth to learn more about NaviNet and NantHealth.

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