Amy Riggleman on June 28, 2016

NaviNet UP Kickoff: Gaining Collaborative User Feedback

AmyRiggleman1.jpgHow many health plan websites do you access daily? Weekly? We know that utilizing web portals in health care settings is no longer optional, it’s necessary.  Are there websites that are easier to work with than others?  What makes one website “better” than another? 

NaviNet Open User Advisory Board

As some of our previous posts have discussed, obtaining user feedback is vital for healthcare technologies to succeed and is critical for solution adoption and utilization, as well as user satisfaction.  As part of NantHealth’s NaviNet Open team, we recently created a user panel, named NaviNet UP, to expand the way our users can share critical information.  NaviNet UP members represent a variety of roles within a range of office types including:

  • Primary Care Physician and Specialist Provider Offices
  • Hospitals and Facilities
  • Ancillary services
  • Third Party Billing Agencies
  • Corporate Billing and Admin offices

NaviNet Up Update

To follow-up Karissa Fuller’s initial NaviNetUp post, we wanted to share an update on the user panel. The official NaviNet Up kickoff meeting was held virtually via a webinar on April 7, 2016 with attendees from Eastern and Central time zones.  During the kickoff, our User Experience (UX) team explained the various avenues and ways that NaviNet UP members could participate and provide feedback.  NaviNet UP members were also given access to User Panel page, which will allow them to view and track open projects and also to sign up for studies available for participation. 


To date, with great user participation, we have conducted:

  • Webinar usability tests
  • Email surveys and feedback questionnaires
  • Onsite field site studies and round table meetings

As NaviNet Up participation grows, we plan to expand these offerings. NaviNet UP will continue to meet and provide opportunities for members to provide their perspective on current offerings and also help shape future products offered on NaviNet Open!  We hope you consider joining NaviNet UP. 

Interested in participating the NaviNet Up program?

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