Karissa Fuller on November 24, 2015

Improve Payer-Provider Collaboration with Provider Office Feedback


It's no secret that the healthcare industry is in the midst of significant change. From the Affordable Care Act to ICD-10, collaboration between healthcare organizations is more important than ever before, especially collaboration between health plans and provider offices. Payer-provider collaboration is particularly important so that both receive the right information at the right time so patients receive the clinical care they need.

Health Plan Provider Portals Central to Payer-Provider Collaboration

This is where health plan provider portals come into play. Most health plans know that their provider portals are at the center of their provider communications and see them as key tools to improve electronic collaboration with their provider network. However, provider offices, as the users of these portals, need to have a seat at the table when creating new health plan portals as well as when updating existing portals. This is vital so that provider offices can actually utilize these portals effectively and continually.

Provider Feedback Key to Portal Collaboration

Enhancing payer-provider collaboration by building provider portals that solve health system challenges in a value-based world is one of NaviNet’s main goals. User feedback from surveys, customer support inquiries, on-site visits, and social media all help to improve our existing provider portals and to shape our future products.  We are constantly looking for ways to optimize provider user experiences, which is how we came up our new program NaviNet UP. 


NaviNet UP User Panel

NaviNetUP is a user panel, open to our health plan portal users. Through surveys, observation testing, group discussions, usability testing, focus groups and other feedback methods, NaviNet UP will provide users with the opportunity to suggest ways to enhance NaviNet’ s provider portals.  The goals of the NaviNet UP user panel are to:

  1. Establish an online community for users across multiple provider office types
  2. Gain insight into the needs of provider offices
  3. Share ideas and best practices for payer-provider collaboration
  4. Gain feedback on NaviNet products

NaviNet UP Members:

Provider offices vary in specialty, in size, and in location.  This diversity is important for payers, and NaviNet, as we look to improve our portals and user experience. With that in mind, NaviNet UP is looking to recruit users of all types, across multiple specialties and work responsibilities.  User types include, but are not limited to:

  • Office Managers
  • Front desk associates
  • Claims processors
  • Providers
  • Nurses
  • Billing specialist/manager or alike

Along with the ability to share ideas with others in the healthcare community, NaviNet UP participants will have opportunities to win gift cards for their input. 

Interested in participating in the NaviNet UP program?

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