NaviNet on March 19, 2015

Start Your Engines! Rev Up Your Operational Efficiency with Interoperability

NavigateInteroperabilityRoadmapWebinar Connectivity and data sharing are the key drivers for payer-provider collaboration and improved operational efficiency. However, with so much information available since the ONC's recent Interoperability Roadmap announcement, how can you rev up your business to achieve greater transparency and better care?

According to, today only 51% of hospitals can electronically share critical health information from outside sources and only 14% of office-based providers electronically share patient information with other providers. Despite the fact the Interoperability Roadmap has the potential to support initiatives around outcome-based payment models and facilitate better care coordination due to seamless data sharing, how do you get there? How can you get on the road to to send, receive, locate and use a common clinical data set to improve patient health, healthcare quality and operational efficiency at your organization?

Start your engines because NaviNet is here to help! We've teamed up with our CEO, Frank Ingari and Strategic Advisor, Catherine Weston at NaviNet to provide your health plan or provider organization expert recommendations in our new webinar for how you can optimize your own interoperability efforts to improve operational efficiency at your organization.  

And who doesn’t think improved operational efficiency and access to real-time value-based contract details at the point of care doesn't sound pretty awesome? In this on-demand webinar, you’ll:

  • Discover how the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) roadmap impacts you;
  • Learn how connectivity and data sharing is the key driver for payer-provider collaboration;
  • Understand how the roadmap and our real-time healthcare collaboration network address your interoperability concerns; and
  • Receive expert recommendations for improving interoperability at your organization.

Join us on Thursday, March 26 to improve your bottom line and data sharing initiatives at your organization.

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