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Jason White on Apr 14, 2016 11:55:16 AM

NaviNet Open Core Principle #1: Flexible Data Model

This is part one of a series of blog posts on the Core Principles of NaviNet Open.

Unlike the rigid forms and functions that are the fruits of other engineering disciplines, software is highly malleable. Agile, on-the-fly development methodologies, design patterns, implementation frameworks, and massive computational power allow software engineers to render ideas in ways that would be unthinkable in the non-virtual arts. But the points at which software connects to the real non-virtual world are far less fungible and forgiving.

The data model is one such point. Most software projects begin with a data model. Here, business meets software architecture. Software engineers must first assert that a business runs in a particular way, with well understood entities working together in specific ways. Then, they can create a robust information map of those entities and relationships. This map is the information over which the software logic computes and processes. If the map changes, the software loses its way and must be revised.

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Jason White on Jan 6, 2016 9:04:41 AM

The Ten Core Principles of NaviNet Open

This is part zero of a series of blog posts on the Core Principles of NaviNet Open.

The essential function of enterprise architecture is to serve as a bridge between the business and technology domains. This may sound like a lofty pursuit and the truth is enterprise architecture requires a deep and nuanced appreciation for the technologies, patterns, and trajectory of software development and IT infrastructure. It requires a broad, multidisciplinary perspective on the activities and analyses of the industry as well as its people. And it requires a well-developed intuitive capacity along with the brute force of logic and reason. Good enterprise architecture is a synthesis of both art and science.

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