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The 2014 Customer Forum: 4 Key Takeaways About Payers and Providers in An Interview With Executive Sponsor Chuck Digate


Author: Laura McCaughey, Senior Director, Corporate Marketing, NaviNet Inc.

The NaviNet Community celebrated our 12th annual Customer Forum this month. For three days beginning on October 7, 2014, close to 80 leading health plans, providers, users, care coordinators, and thought leaders from around the country gathered in Boston to share their successes and challenges in their journey toward toward closer payer-provider collaboration. The record-attendance crowd enjoyed informative keynotes, lively panel discussions, and terrific networking throughout the event.

While the packed agenda spanned many topics, five themes permeated throughout the Forum:

  • Shift to value-based contracting
  • Interoperability
  • Doctors want to practice medicine
  • Consumerism
  • NaviNet Open is real!

On Friday, I had the opportunity to sit down with the executive sponsor of the Customer Forum, Chuck Digate, Chief Commercial Officer of NaviNet, to discuss his observations.

1. This was your second Forum, Chuck. From your perspective, what was the overwhelming feeling at the event?

There was a real sense of “community” among NaviNet’s partner customers (health plans), friends, and competitors alike. Everyone is working together to support common goals. These folks are leveraging the new NaviNet Open platform in their own unique ways to achieve the Triple Aim. Each payer participating on NaviNet Open’s multi-payer provider portal is like an anchor tenant at a successful shopping mall. Competitors all work together to make the mall an attractive and safe place for customers to visit. In NaviNet’s case, the “customers” are end users from a vast provider office footprint—representing about 420,000 users monthly—each of whom has little time to “shop” elsewhere.

2. In the post-show meeting, I heard that the NaviNet team did more than 600 demos during the Forum. Which technology created the most buzz?

NaviNet’s payer clients fully appreciated that real-time events triggering high-value communication and collaboration workflows are some of the most important new technologies they need to embrace in the coming years in this post-reform environment. Coupling population health campaigns to value-based reimbursement transactions is a natural next step for the NaviNet user. 75% of our users say that they are the hub for clinical information in their practices, meaning they receive and transmit critical patient information before, during, and after the time of care.

3. In June 2014, NaviNet announced that Informatica MDM (Master Data Management) was enabling NaviNet to rapidly consume provider network data from dozens of heterogeneous sources to create a cleansed, matched, complete, and standardized single source of truth for critical data such as the makeup of care teams in distributed provider locations. Did you give an update on MDM at the Forum?

The information exchange and communication capabilities within the NaviNet Open Value-Based Network Applications are difficult to deliver without a solid foundation of provider data and a rich understanding of the relationships among providers, NaviNet users, and payers. In a “session with sizzle,” NaviNet’s Forum audience was treated to an early peek at an innovative solution to this complex issue, using graph database technology on top of NaviNet’s Master Data Management foundation for managing provider data.


Total sizzle! The video of the NaviNet Research Group’s session is available on It’s pretty amazing.

4. One message the entire community heard loud and clear from you and CEO Frank Ingari was, “It’s your product, too!” NaviNet seriously encourages collaboration and innovation from within its ecosystem. In fact, Independence Blue Cross and NaviNet signed a Design and Collaboration Agreement for a NaviNet Open Advanced Referral Value-Based Network Application just days following the Forum. What was the Forum audience’s reaction to this announcement?

That’s right, Laura, we did. From our perspective, it was great to see how each application and capability caught payers’ eyes differently. While the community has a set of common needs and goals, each payer has its own particular set of issues and points of differentiation in its market(s). Some payers were absolutely enchanted with NaviNet Research’s demonstration of admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) Alerts and Messaging, while others wanted to know as much as they could about our forthcoming NaviNet Open Claims Adjustment Value-Based Network Application. NaviNet is committed to meeting the critical needs of all of its customers while providing a solid, unifying product architecture.

We look forward to working with each client, current and prospective, over the months ahead as NaviNet continues to deliver key components of the NaviNet Open platform, provider portal transactions, and the new Value-Based Network Applications.

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