Laura Davey McCaughey on May 2, 2014

NaviNet Network Heroes: When Storms Rage, Real People Surround You

More than 65 tornadoes hit at least 16 states across our country this week, tearing through cities like Vilonia and Mayflower, Arkansas; Athens, Alabama; Louisville, Mississippi; and Fayetteville, Tennessee. And then the rain came up the Atlantic Coast. Just this morning, we in Boston awoke to video footage of the Baltimore landslide, where cars and mud hurdled 75 feet down onto the train tracks below.

The human response to any bad occurrence, let alone a U.S. disaster, is to want to help and resolve people's problems. As America's largest healthcare network community, we shared relief and fears for relatives, friends, users, and customer partners in the storm's path. On the morning of April 28, Gregg Lujan on our Network Development team had just flown in from Florida. He dropped everything to pull together our multi-payer portal user base's contact information in Vilonia and Mayflower so that we could reach out to everyone to see how they were and what help they needed. 

Latoya Sykes from Skinner Chiropractic & Rehab was kind enough to write back early Tuesday morning. Latoya has been the officer manager there since 2010. A real people person, her personal goal is to answer all questions and make everyone's visits to this practice as smooth and easy as possible. She sent some photos that made us feel as though we were on the ground in Mayflower. The destruction shows the power of the wind. The photo of the tornado funnel in the distance speaks for itself. 

Laura, Thank you so very much for your kind words and thoughts about us. We are ok here, just had some damage to one of our doctors home and our clinic in the Mayflower office. You are so wonderful. I will let the doctors know how awesome you are for checking on us! Latoya


Vilonia Medical Clinic's Dr. Gina McNew was generous enough to reply, as well. This full-service internal medicine practice opened on December 16, 2011 (see photo below of Dr. NcNew, medical assistant/X-ray technician Rhonda Monday, and Angela Smithmier. The clinic even has a "pay it forward" day once a month on which patients can receive care in return for lending their talents or services to someone in the community, like mowing the grass for an elderly person. Dr. McNew wrote: 

Thank you so much. We are hanging in there. Hopefully will be able to recover our clinic. 


I phoned today (May 1) around 5:00 p.m. When no one answered, having learned from the TODAY Show that Dr. McNew's husband is Vilonia's Chief of Police Tom McNew, I phoned City Hall to inquire. Unfortunately, the clinic has not been able to reopen yet. We will check back next week and keep you posted.

Our user community is significant in Alabama. Anita Hendrix of the Ernest Lee Hendrix, MD, practice was so thoughtful to write back. Dr. Hendrix is a family practitioner with 19 years of experience and focuses on family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, and surgery. His patients really like how easy it is to set up appointments. This practice accepts Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, Humana, MVP Health Care Preferred Care, and UnitedHealthcare.

Thank you!  Our office and staff are fine. Dr Hendrix lost a lot of big trees and could not get out of his yard.  But, if that is the worse you get, who can complain? Thank you! Anita

We leave you with that sense of heart and spirit. And in case you missed it, we share with you an iconoclastic photograph of Adam and Tiffani Danner of Fayetteville, Tennessee, sitting at a dining room table is placed on their lawn next to what was/is/will be their home. They are talking with friends. 


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PS: One of the biggest differentiators between NaviNet and many of our perceived competitors is that we aren't a clearinghouse. We don't batch transactions and electronically send them by the truckload, connecting the back end of a provider or health delivery organization (HDO) to the health plan's system to complete a HIPAA transaction like an eligibility and benefits (E&B) transaction.

Instead, NaviNet Open provides much-needed simplification to increasing post-reform network and contract complexity, ensuring sustainable leadership for payers seeking solutions to optimize risk-based reimbursement and drive HEDIS and STARS ratings. It enables patient-specific transactions such as insurance eligibility verification, claim negotiation and settlement, referrals and authorizations, and clinical decision support. Our 375,000-user-strong NaviNet Network Community, which is focused on the reimbursement impact of those transactions, knows that we are humans here talking to provider network humans--in real time.


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