NaviNet Admin on October 20, 2011

Three (More) Massachusetts Healthcare Companies to Watch

We recently highlighted some innovative Massachusetts healthcare companies and organizations that are making an impact in healthcare. Here are three more:

Nuance - In addition to many other cutting-edge communication technologies, Nuance provides speech recognition software solutions to help healthcare stakeholders maximize efficiency, eliminate unnecessary costs and improve patient care. Nuance's global audience includes 150,000 healthcare providers and 3,000 hospitals. Dragon Speech Recognition Software allows physicians to dictate patient notes in real time directly into their EHR system, share documents with other clinicians on their care team, and access patient information securely from a mobile device. Thanks to Nuance, physicians spend more time with the patient. Stay up-to-date with Nuance on Twitter.

Health Dialog - A company rooted in powerful data analytics, Health Dialog fosters patient empowerment through care management and shared decision-making. The people behind Health Dialog believe open conversations between patients and physicians can improve wellness and lower healthcare costs. The company also aims to reduce variation in the delivery of care. Through personal health coaching and analytics, Health Dialog fosters a conversation between physicians and patients that educates patients, creates a better experience, and leads to personalized whole-person programs to promote wellness. Follow Health Dialog on Twitter.

PatientsLikeMe - PatientsLikeMe, founded in 2004 by two brothers and a long-time friend after a brother was diagnosed with ALS, allows patients to share personal experiences and key learnings with other patients through a data-sharing platform. The stories in data and words are converted into something "computable" so that the community can leverage the resulting data to change the way medicine is delivered. Patients track symptoms, medications, side effects and anecdotes to offer support and insights into disease states. Patients find support, comfort and ideas to take to their care teams, while health organizations can access and analyze vast quantities of patient data. PatientsLikeMe is on Twitter.

We are honored to be part of a local community of innovators committed to improving the healthcare system for all stakeholders and reducing rising health expenditures. We are pleased to work beside these influential thought leaders who are developing a unified and patient-centric approach to health information management.

Which healthcare IT-related companies would you like to see highlighted? Who is making an impact in healthcare IT in your state? Your feedback and insights are always welcome on our blog, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Kimberly Labow

Chief Marketing Officer


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