Karissa Fuller on November 24, 2015

Improve Payer-Provider Collaboration with Provider Office Feedback

It's no secret that the healthcare industry is in the midst of significant change. From the Affordable Care Act to ICD-10, collaboration between healthcare organizations is more important than ever before, especially collaboration between health plans and provider offices. Payer-provider collaboration is particularly important so that both receive the right information at the right time so patients receive the clinical care they need.

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NaviNet Admin on November 29, 2011

Top Three Online Physician Communities

Today's changing healthcare environment presents a lot of questions and options to physicians, who are increasingly turning to online communities for answers, support, and camaraderie. Newly introduced regulations and evolving healthcare models like accountable care organizations (ACOs) make these bidirectional information hubs valuable resource centers. In the past five years, several secure physician-only communities have launched. Studies indicate that more than 60% of physicians actively use or are interested in using these resources. In this post, we highlight three online communities that address tough clinical questions.

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NaviNet Admin on August 31, 2011

Ten Nurses to Follow on Twitter

It's clear that health organizations and professionals are increasingly turning to social media as a way to engage with their patients and improve their care. According to a study by Ed Bennett of the University of Maryland Medical Center, an estimated 1,200 hospitals are now using social networking tools, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs. Physicians like Kevin Pho, MD and Bryan Vartabedian, MD continue to discuss the challenges and opportunities of healthcare providers communicating with their patients on the internet. But it's not just hospitals and physicians. Registered nurses are diving in and utilizing social media as a way to improve patient care and communication as well-the RNchat started by Phil Baumann being only one example. We want to highlight 10 top contributors and conversations unfolding in the RN community daily:

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