Patty Dickerson on March 24, 2016

Hyperportalosis Epidemic Afflicting Patients and Providers

In reading over several recaps from HIMSS16, I was completely surprised that interoperability was at the top of the “hot” topics list. Just kidding. In truth, I would have been really surprised if it hadn’t made the list, especially since day one of the conference kicked off with the announcement of an industry-wide pledge for interoperability. Besides interoperability, there was another buzz word, somewhat related to interoperability, that caught my eye: Hyperportalosis.

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Sarah Joyce on January 7, 2016

Health Plan Portal Must-Haves for Collaborative Provider Networks in 2016

The arrival of the New Year means New Year resolutions and new goals for 2016. For health plans, improving provider satisfaction and productivity should be on that list, but what do provider networks need from health plans in 2016? User feedback is critical for the continued success of healthcare technology solutions. Yet, gaining user input can be more complicated than in other industries because the users of the technology aren’t necessarily the purchasers. For example, health plan or insurance portals are vetted, purchased, and designed by health insurance companies, but they are used by healthcare provider offices and organizations. Including these provider office end users in the design and improvements of a portal is critical so that the technology supports the provider office workflows and helps drive higher adoption.

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Kim Francour on December 3, 2015

Payer Co-opetition Needed to Improve Provider Interactions

The health insurance marketplace is more competitive than ever. So, is collaboration between these competitors, or “co-opetition”, appropriate? I think so—especially when it benefits consumers without negatively impacting the payers.  To illustrate what I mean, let me borrow first from a different industry that everyone can relate to: Retail. Having recently relocated from Madison, Wisconsin to Boston, I have used my credit card in many new places as my family and I have explored the activities, stores and attractions our new home has to offer. However, as my credit card transactions have increased, so too has my frustration over why there isn't a standardized way to pay for goods at the point of sale. In other words, every credit card “swiper” is different and requires a different set of steps, and in a different order than the others.  It seems to me that standardizing the shopper’s experience would benefit consumers without significantly affecting the competing companies behind these payment devices.  Yet, this would require collaboration between competitors.  It begs the question: As more and more of our daily activities and experiences become automated, will standardization and simplification of these activities and the devices we use to conduct them ever become a competitive advantage?

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Jeff Heyman on November 12, 2015

Three Things Providers Want from Health Plan Provider Portals

How many times do you check your email each day? I know, trick question, right? You’re probably thinking is “continuously” a choice? And when you check your email, how many different applications do you use? One? Two? Possibly even three?

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NaviNet Admin on November 7, 2011

The 2011 NaviNet Healthcare Forum: Raising the Standard

We recently held our annual NaviNet Healthcare Forum, which brings together our health plan partners for a two-day dialogue on key industry trends, developments and strategic technology initiatives in support of this important stakeholder segment in the healthcare industry. It’s always exciting and informative to hear first-hand from our health plan customers about their focus, top priorities and challenges for the coming year. The Healthcare Forum is also a great opportunity for NaviNet to share our strategic vision, showcase our product roadmap, and get actionable input on areas where NaviNet can bring additional value for health plans.

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