Kim Francour on December 3, 2015

Payer Co-opetition Needed to Improve Provider Interactions

The health insurance marketplace is more competitive than ever. So, is collaboration between these competitors, or “co-opetition”, appropriate? I think so—especially when it benefits consumers without negatively impacting the payers.  To illustrate what I mean, let me borrow first from a different industry that everyone can relate to: Retail. Having recently relocated from Madison, Wisconsin to Boston, I have used my credit card in many new places as my family and I have explored the activities, stores and attractions our new home has to offer. However, as my credit card transactions have increased, so too has my frustration over why there isn't a standardized way to pay for goods at the point of sale. In other words, every credit card “swiper” is different and requires a different set of steps, and in a different order than the others.  It seems to me that standardizing the shopper’s experience would benefit consumers without significantly affecting the competing companies behind these payment devices.  Yet, this would require collaboration between competitors.  It begs the question: As more and more of our daily activities and experiences become automated, will standardization and simplification of these activities and the devices we use to conduct them ever become a competitive advantage?

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Shane Curd on October 28, 2015

Innovation and Partnership Encouraged at Health 2.0 Fall Conference

Hard to believe it’s already been three weeks since I was in Silicon Valley to attend the US-based Fall Health 2.0 Conference.   For those of you unfamiliar with the Health 2.0 Conferences, they were founded 9 years ago as a result of a chance meeting between the like-minded Indu Subaiya, an MBA and MD, and Matthew Holt, founder of The Health Care Blog, the web’s premier blog on the pairing of Web 2.0 technologies and digital health.  Since the first Health 2.0 Conference in 2006, it has blossomed into an international series of conferences and developer competitions designed to showcase and drive the advancement of new healthcare technologies. 

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Laura Davey McCaughey on June 5, 2015

AHIP Institute Day 2 Highlights

Author: Laura McCaughey, Senior Director,Corporate Marketing​, NaviNet, Inc.

Day 2 at AHIP Institute 2015

At breakfast again this morning for “Innovative Data Modeling of Real-Time Clinical Data To Improve Quality and Care Measures. Somesh Nigam, PhD, SVP and Chief Informatics Officer, Independence Blue Cross, is on the agenda a second time! Then, a couple more press meetings with Frank Ingari before “Persona-Based Population Health Analytics” with panelists Jay Rajda, MD, Medical Director, Aetna Innovation Labs, and Bob Gladden, Vice President, Center for Analytics, CareSource.  

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Laura Davey McCaughey on June 4, 2015

From Boston to the Music City: Day 1 at AHIP Institute 2015

Author: Laura McCaughey, Senior Director,Corporate Marketing​, NaviNet, Inc.

Day 1 at AHIP Institute 2015


Now that AHIP Institute 2015 is in full swing, let the sessions begin! I will be there to get a front-row breakfast table today to see Jay Eisenstock, Senior Director, Provider eSolutions, Aetna, and others for the “Collaborating to Take Costs Out of the Business of Healthcare” panel. They will share real-life examples of collaborative projects that are advancing the efficiency of their own operations, improving provider relations, and reducing healthcare system costs.

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Laura Davey McCaughey on June 2, 2015

Collaboration: AHIP Institute 2015 Has It Right

Author: Laura McCaughey, Senior Director,Corporate Marketing​, NaviNet, Inc.


Dateline June 2! En route to Nashville for AHIP Institute 2015! I believe that there are two types of travelers. Those who pack three days ahead of their departure date and arrive at the airport two hours before flight time…and those who area deciding what to toss in a suitcase at 6:50 a.m. for an 8:10 a.m. flight. Which are you? (I believe the latter style makes the journey much more exciting. What do you think? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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NaviNet on May 27, 2015

Winning the MIT Hacking Medicine Grand Hack 2015

It seems every event we attend and every conversation we have these days in healthcare IT reveals a deep need for the kind of network we are building at NaviNet. The incredible amount of entrepreneurial energy being invested in healthcare IT will be for naught without a network that can deliver their outputs to the right people, in the right places, at the right time. That's what NaviNet's Healthcare Collaboration Network does, for example with clinical documents from payers via our Document Exchange product. Our payer customers have reaped the benefits of our unique ability to communicate effectively with the provider setting for many years.

We took this message and our know-how to the MIT Hacking Medicine Grand Hack in Cambridge, MA the weekend of April 24th. We wanted to experiment with how our communication network could be applied in an entrepreneurial setting. Well, we were one of the winners of the hackathon, so we must be doing something right! Haven’t heard of the MIT Grand Hack? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! But first, a photo of our badges!


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Frank Ingari on May 18, 2015

One attendee’s takeaways from Health Evolution Summit


Two weeks ago, I attended the terrific Health Evolution Summit in Laguna, CA. These are the themes that struck me personally:

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NaviNet on March 19, 2015

Start Your Engines! Rev Up Your Operational Efficiency with Interoperability

NavigateInteroperabilityRoadmapWebinar Connectivity and data sharing are the key drivers for payer-provider collaboration and improved operational efficiency. However, with so much information available since the ONC's recent Interoperability Roadmap announcement, how can you rev up your business to achieve greater transparency and better care?

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NaviNet on March 5, 2015

Attending HIMSS15? Learn how NaviNet is Participating in the HIMSS15 Wellness Challenge

In our previous blog post, we shared an interview with Mark Lo, Principal Technical Writer here at NaviNet and how he uses the Misfit activity tracker from Oscar Health to stay on top of his health and wellness.

As fate and the HIMSS15 organizers would have it, there is a Wellness Challenge at HIMSS15, April 12-16, 2015 in Chicago featuring the Misfit Flash Activity Tracker. How could NaviNet not be up for the challenge, given Oscar Health’s initiative and everything Mark shared with us.

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NaviNet Admin on June 10, 2013

The Pharma Tradeshow Season Wrap-Up: Specialty Pharma, Retail Pharmacy Clinics, and Accountable Care

The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy’s 25th Annual Meeting & Expo on April 3-5, 2013, in San Diego attracted double the expected attendance. Why, you may ask? This was the inaugural AMCP/NASP Specialty Pharmacy Conference. Then again on May 6-9, 2013, hundreds of attendees descended on Phoenix for the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs' 2013 Annual Technology & Business Conference.

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