Amy Riggleman on June 28, 2016

NaviNet UP Kickoff: Gaining Collaborative User Feedback

How many health plan websites do you access daily? Weekly? We know that utilizing web portals in health care settings is no longer optional, it’s necessary.  Are there websites that are easier to work with than others?  What makes one website “better” than another? 

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Frank Ingari on January 26, 2016

2016 Brings Big News for NaviNet

On the very first business day of 2016, NaviNet was aquired by NantHealth, a transformative provider of genomic and clinical information technology.  NaviNet’s huge network is an asset shared and used heavily by health plans, health systems, small practices, ancillaries and many other participants  --  many of whom have been asking how and where NaviNet fits in NantHealth’s plans for the future.

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Kimberly Cormier on June 30, 2015

The Impact of Narrow Network Plans on Consumers and Providers

Author: Kimberly Cormier, Director of Product Marketing, NaviNet, Inc.

The use of narrow provider networks in health insurance plans has proliferated as a cost containment measure by payers, driven by the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and rapid adoption by cost-conscious consumers. The challenge with the explosion of these narrow network offerings is that it has not kept pace with the ability for providers and consumers to access rich information around these health plans. This has ­led to increased legislative scrutiny and regulatory hurdles. The ability for providers and consumers to access up-to-date, plan-specific information would greatly improve accessibility, transparency, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.           

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Laura Davey McCaughey on May 2, 2014

NaviNet Network Heroes: When Storms Rage, Real People Surround You

More than 65 tornadoes hit at least 16 states across our country this week, tearing through cities like Vilonia and Mayflower, Arkansas; Athens, Alabama; Louisville, Mississippi; and Fayetteville, Tennessee. And then the rain came up the Atlantic Coast. Just this morning, we in Boston awoke to video footage of the Baltimore landslide, where cars and mud hurdled 75 feet down onto the train tracks below.

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