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Unification of Patient Information Session Draws a Crowd at the MassTLC unConference

Imagine you are sitting next to your CEO on Day 75 of your 90-day “probationary period,” and he leans over and says, “This is the weirdest conference I’ve ever attended.” If you’re in marketing, you advocated for your company to sponsor the conference, and you hope to be a “Day 76 probie,” your only response can be, “Weird great, right?”

Rewind to September 8, 2011 (Day 25) at NaviNet. Lora Kratchounova, (Social) Principal, Scratch Marketing + Media, presented an interesting opportunity to NaviNet – sponsor the Mass Tech Leadership Council’s unConference. Now in its fourth year, this event connects entrepreneurs with mentors. The idea of advising young entrepreneurs was so compelling to (Leroy Jethro) Brad Waugh, NaviNet’s CEO and President, that he said yes in 12 seconds.

Fast forward to October 28. More than 800 technology experts and innovators sat in concentric circles similar to a theater-in-the-round to create an “unConference agenda” based on ideas individuals presented to the group at 9:00-10:00 AM. When described in advance, it sounds like a train wreck. In actuality, the breadth and numbers of agenda topics pitched were amazing to witness in real time. Brad chose “Unification of Patient Information” as the topic NaviNet would present to the group.

Prior to NaviNet’s session, Brad participated in the Expert mentoring program and advised entrepreneurs from two very different companies: and Gradison Technologies. Throughout both conversations, Brad encouraged the executives to zero in on the market problem that they are trying to solve and pinpoint the buyer. Is the solution defensible and patentable? Who else has something similar on the market? Why is it different and better than everyone else’s? Bigger picture, is the solution industry-agnostic? Founder and CEO, Durjoy “Ace” Bhattacharjya, described his company as a marketplace for electronic health records (EHR) with a powerful proprietary company database, MCRbase. This Cambridge, MA-based private company aims to connect doctors with the best EHR for their individual practice based on their search criteria “like a Kayak for EHR software selection.” As well, it seeks to provide qualified leads to EHR vendors from physicians close to making a purchasing decision. Unbiased and accepting no direct advertising from the EHR companies, Ace likened his company to Consumer Reports, but without the ratings and reviews.

Gradison Technologies. Greg Milette and Adam Lee Jacobi are the founders of Gradison Technologies. Their solution is a voice-recognition-enabled recipe app. How many dog-eared, batter-coated cookbooks do you own? Want to move into 2012 and have your smart phone or tablet tell you how to bake a pumpkin pie at your own pace? Brad shared several commercial avenues to success, such as speaking with angel investors, networking with well-known chefs, and contacting food industry publishers like Ilene Bezahler, Publisher/Editor of Edible Boston and a member of Edible Communities.

Sessions are as long or short as participants want them to be within an hour framework and are biased toward interaction and discussion. “Unification of Patient Information” drew a robust and diverse crowd, including Scott Kozak, HealthAcademyRewards; Mike Norwood, Type-U; David Joncas, Aeris Partners; Robert Rogers, Oracle; Nancy Finn, Communication Resources and author of e-Patients Live Longer: The Complete Guide to Managing Health Care Using Technology; and Stephan Richter, CipherHealth, to name a few. In a moderated roundtable format, the group discussed the many benefits of patient-centered care collaboration to the entire healthcare continuum – patients, providers and health plans. Unified patient information management (UPIM) facilitates value-based healthcare delivery and is an open market for innovative technology focused on the clinical aspects of providing better care through a 360-degree view of a patient’s scope of treatment and the ability to provide the right information at the right time when a patient is present in a clinical setting.

What innovative healthcare IT solutions or apps interest you? Want to start a discussion? Will I make it to Day 91? Your feedback and insights are always welcome on our blog, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Laura McCaughey
Senior Director, Corporate Marketing
NaviNet, Inc.



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