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Welcome to from Frank Ingari

The launch of our new, interactive website coincides with the production release of NaviNet Open, the product that will deliver important new capabilities to each of the 420,000 people who use our network every year.

Having such a vast customer base brings challenges and responsibilities for a network like NaviNet. Over the past two years, we have focused on getting to know you better. We’ve conducted nationwide surveys, visited many of you at your desks, and tripled our investment in user-centered design staff. Our sincere thanks go out to all of you who have taken time to fill out a survey, invited us into your practice, written a testimonial, or contributed a practice photograph for the 2014 Customer Forum montage. We are listening to you, and what we hear is driving all of our design efforts, from the dynamic new website to the core software architecture of NaviNet Open.

The redesign of our portal as a cloud-based real-time healthcare network was driven by our goal to deliver more specific power to each type of user, built on a common software platform and delivered in a radically usable interface.

  • Office Managers. Our largest group of users is office managers—people who keep the hospitals, multispecialty groups, IPAs, and billing offices up and running. You often serve as Security Officers, managing the critical responsibilities of HIPAA and other regulations. You frequently are the NaviNet guru in the shop, and your job is changing fast. As reimbursement shifts from Fee-for-Service to value-based, and the focus on claims payment is complicated by new clinical quality incentives, your relationship with payers will continue to grow more complicated, and the stakes will get higher.
  • Clinicians. Our next-largest group of users, and the fastest-growing, is clinicians. Some are physicians or therapists, but more are nurses functioning as care coordinators, case managers, or program leads. The accelerating need to gather and distribute clinical information via NaviNet will become a dominant trend as NaviNet Open incorporates secure messaging, clinical document forwarding, and links to the EMR and practice management system.
  • Front Desk Personnel. The third-largest group of users includes office assistants, receptionists, and other invaluable “front desk” personnel who provide the all-important human touch to the patient encounter. As healthcare reform evolves, the value of these jobs can only increase. In a healthcare system motivated to reach out and manage a population toward greater health and wellness, it becomes clear that eligibility verification, pre-encounter preparation, referrals, and authorizations are the “meat and potatoes” of accountable care, enabling the physician to walk into a patient encounter fully equipped with the best information possible.
  • Billing Offices. Another key group of users work in the billing offices. They consolidate back office functions for multiple providers. These businesses will have to adapt to the new models and duties of value-based reimbursement contracts based on business models like shared risk, capitation, bundled payments, Medicare Advantage, and ACOs.
  • Informaticists, Data Analysts, IT, Medical Management, Care Management, and Provider Relations Staff. From the software design perspective, a particularly important group are these individuals who work inside the health plan or large integrated delivery network (IDN). These are the folks who generate the communications with the clinical community on the other end of the wire. NaviNet Open will provide these critical employees with a completely new level of power. You will be able to configure and brand your plan’s NaviNet with unprecedented ease, and target communications to specific groups of providers more precisely and with greater frequency.

Behind the scenes, it takes a lot of complex technology to operate a nationwide HIPAA-safe multipayer network, and fundamental changes have to be introduced carefully and in stages. While the full range of NaviNet Open features will roll out across the network over the next couple of years, I want to share a few exciting updates with you:

  • The NaviNet Open user interface has been significantly enhanced and will be rolled out nationally over the coming months. Meeting a frequently stated wish of our customers, the portal will then operate on four major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari on the Mac.
  • The volume of clinical communication between payers and clinicians is growing fast. Our users tell us they are the predominant distributors of this information. In 2015, NaviNet will introduce new capabilities for sending, receiving, distributing, and forwarding such information with intuitive tools that will help simplify an increasingly complex task.
  • Next year, you will see increased capability in NaviNet’s eligibility verification, claims management, referrals, and authorization applications. Specifically, these key transactions will begin to incorporate critical clinical information in ways that can support a practice’s growing responsibility for process and outcome measurement as a part of government and private insurer quality programs.
  • Beginning late this year, many of you will see a number of exciting new NaviNet applications be introduced, each of them designed to help clinicians thrive during a tumultuous and demanding time of healthcare reform. These are under wraps for now!

We at NaviNet share a common motivation to serve you and to help change healthcare for the better by improving communication and collaboration among insurers, clinicians, and patients. It’s more than a job for us, just as it is far more than a job for so many of you.

For those of you who want to know more about NaviNet Open’s capabilities and design, you can find plenty of information on or by contacting NaviNet directly. And if you get one of our online invitations to offer your candid opinions in one way or another, please try it out. We really are listening.

Thank you,
Frank Ingari
President & CEO
NaviNet, Inc.

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